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IRS Form 1099-DIV, Dividends and Distributions

IRS Form 1099-DIV involves payments made to investors by investment fund companies. This amount can be from income related to dividends including exempt interest dividends, distributions on stock as well as capital gains dividends over ten dollars. You will need to file Form IRS 1099-DIV for those whom you withheld and paid foreign tax on dividends and other distributions on stock, whom you have withheld and paid federal income tax on dividends under back up withholding rules or whom you have paid six hundred dollars or more as part of a liquidation.

IRS 1099 DIV Form & Instructions - 2015 Tax Year

Filing Form 1099-DIV

You may choose to file Form 1099-DIV with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) either by paper filing or by E-Filing. Choosing to E-File IRS 1099-DIV will not only allow you additional time to file the form, but also save time and the filing of unnecessary paperwork. An IRS Authorized online software provider such as ExpressIRSforms can help to E-File IRS 1099-DIV Form, generate the official 1099-DIV forms and even help with mailing Form 1099-DIV to your recipients.

When to File Form 1099-DIV?

It is important that you file IRS 1099-DIV on time with the SSA (Social Security Administration) / IRS (Internal Revenue Service). There are separate due dates regarding the time when you need to provide Form 1099-DIV to your recipients and when you need to file IRS 1099-DIV with the IRS. Form 1099-DIV should be sent out to your recipients on or before February 1, 2016 for payments made within the 2015 tax year. If you are paper filing Form 1099-DIV you must file the form with the IRS by Feb 29, 2016 for the tax year 2015. If you choose to E-File Form 1099-DIV you have until March 31st, 2016 to file your forms with the IRS for the 2015 tax year. If you choose to E-File through a service provider such as ExpressIrsForms you can generate the official forms for your recipients as well as E-File your IRS 1099-DIV forms all in one place at the same time.

Section 404(k) Dividend Reporting on Form 1099-DIV

On Form 1099-DIV you can report payments of 404(k) dividends directly from the corporation to the beneficiaries or participants in the plan in box 1a of Form 1099-DIV as ordinary dividends.

Form 1099-DIV Due Date

When filing your 1099-DIV forms you will need to file them with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) / SSA (Social Security Administration) by Feb 29, 2016 for the tax year 2015 if you choose to paper file the 1099-DIV forms. E-Filing Form 1099-DIV allows you extra time to file Form 1099-DIV with the IRS/SSA with a due date of March 31st, 2016 for the 2015 tax year. Form 1099-DIV must be sent to the recipients no later than Feb 1, 2016 for the tax year 2016. ExpressIrsForms allows you to E-File Form 1099-DIV and automatically postal mail to your recipients without having to use multiple services or take up additional time.

Filing Additional 1099 Forms

There are a number of different 1099 form variations available for both paper filing and E-Filing. Form 1099-DIV, Form 1099-INT and Form 1099-MISC are all available for E-Filing with ExpressIrsForms at this time. In addition to these forms you may also E-File Form W-2 with ExpressIrsForms.com.

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